🥁 bring the boogie monsters experience to your school!!

We believe all children should have access to high quality live musical experiences to excite and inspire them! Our aim is to encourage a lifelong love for the participation in, and enjoyment of music.

Playing in schools is a brilliant way to achieve this and we would love to come and play for you at your school, whether it is as a live experience as part of the curriculum, or at your fete, school disco or other event.

Our highly engaging and interactive live performances can be up to 60 minutes long, or split into shorter performances over the course of a day. The music is tailored to suit the age of your pupils.

Boogie Monsters have lots of experience with children with disabilities. For more information on Boogie Monsters’ work with children with disabilities click here.

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Boogie Monster Teacher

Children have the opportunity to listen to a high quality band of professional musicians, and access a genre of music that is not usually easily accessible to this age group.

The children are encouraged to sing along with the band both as a group, and also as individuals using the microphone.

Un-tuned percussion instruments and / or clapping in specific rhythms and in time is actively encouraged with specific tunes eg We Will Rock You.

Instruments of the band are introduced, and children are able to see how they are played.

Children are encouraged to create their own dances and to use movement imaginatively, responding to the music with their bodies and with props.

Basic movement skills and listening skills are encouraged through action songs.

This is a fantastic experience and opportunity for the children! 

It’s also a great video opportunity for your school website or social media.

Get in touch via our contact form or email us at boogie@boogiemonsters.co.uk with your requirements and we will give you a personalised quote!

…they entertained our children and young people who have complex needs associated with autism and learning difficulties. Combining a sensory experience with the music really makes them stand out from the crowd…

Thank you so much for entertaining the entire Reception year group … It was such a great start to the year and wonderful to be able to club together and celebrate. The children were captivated!

Was lucky enough to see the Autism Friendly performance yesterday. My boy LOVED it!!! Really catchy well known songs mixed with dancing and nursery rhymes. He even became a pop star and sang on the mic!…